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Surrounded by so many available artistic materials in culture, daily life and people, Vietnamese people have so much passion for art. During and after the wartime, the country’s art has flourished, and its artists have gained recognition around the world for their distinctive styles. This tour allows you to get a glimpse into Hanoi’s art scene, both modern and traditional, public and private artwork.

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3.5-4 hours

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Private car
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Manzi Art Space
Art Vietnam Gallery
A current art exhibition

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Manzi Art Space
Art Vietnam Gallery
A current art exhibition

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Lactose free

Suitable for intolerances

Gluten intolorance

Possible for gluten intolerances,but a small amount of gluten and soy sauce is in some dishes


Unsuitable as meat and seafood is present in half of the dishes


Unsuitable for vegans

No Pork

Possible but pork is present in 1-2 dishes where an alternative is not always available


Unsuitable as meat is present in half the dishes


Possible but you might have to skip 1-2 tastings

Food allergies

For other food allergies, please contact us on info@achefstour.com

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