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If I have to choose a country where I want to leave the world behind and be close to the purest nature, that will be Laos. Traveling to Laos is not for everyone because of the limited experiences this country can offer. But that being said naturally set Laos to be one of the greatest choices for a one-of-a-kind escape. Honestly, I don’t recommend you plan and travel by yourself to Laos because it can be much trickier than Thailand or Vietnam. Me and my team are here to help if you want to pull out a stress-free and unforgettable trip to Laos.


Create an itinerary that matches your interests. Put everything in place (a lot of effort going into this)

Book everything in place including hotels, transportation, guides, drivers, activities

24/7 assistance via email, WhatsApp, Viber... whether you have any questions

There was not a single complication. All preparations, the friendly, knowledgeable and engaging guides, drivers, tours were all seamless. We did not have to do anything except enjoy our time and take in all that makes Viet Nam, beautiful people and country ... read more



Here is our customized family trip for our client, Mrs. Anne Moore
An 11-day fantastic journey in Vietnam

25 January 2022
Day 1-2

Hanoi: Explore the timeless charm of history and cuisine

25 January 2022
Day 3

Hike to the top of Mua Cave to view whole Ninh Binh, join Tam Coc boat trip to admire amazing natural scenery

25 January 2022
Day 4-5

Enjoy a luxury mountain treat in Avana Retreat, Jeep adventure and tribal trekking

25 January 2022
Day 6

Free to explore Hanoi: nightlife, local markets, street food...

25 January 2022
Day 7

Overnight cruise in Lan Ha Bay - one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature

25 January 2022
Day 8-9

Stroll the Hoi An Ancient Town, experience fun basket boat ride in coconut forest

25 January 2022
Day 11

Pass through winding road of Hai Van Pass by motorcycle, visit ancient Hue Imperial City

25 January 2022
Day 12

Pass through winding road of Hai Van Pass by motorcycle, visit ancient Hue Imperial City

Northern Vietnam mountains - where adventurous souls flow

Reasons to visit Laos

Laos is a “picky” country for tourists. I mean, not everyone will choose Laos for a vacation but its niche beauty is what makes it stand out and memorable for those who have interest. 

Laos doesn’t have any coastline but instead, it has dazzling mountain ranges and stunning karst formations which open up an imposing landscape and dramatic sceneries. The most jaw-dropping is Laos’ waterfalls (Kuang Sy, Tad Sae, Tad Fane) with emerald-colored water streaming down so vigorously. You will soon forget about your beach vacation somewhere else because of Lao’s wonderful nature.

To describe Laos in one word, I would choose “tranquil”. You’d better not expect it to be bustling, vibrant or colorful — even though there are a couple of places like that, it’s not Laos’ signature character. Laos is the kingdom of quiet beauty. The sound of nature and the chill living pace of local people simply make you slowly enjoy your day to the fullest without getting rushed to do anything. Just relaxing is already a perfect idea in the country of Laos!

Laos vibe is serene but it doesn’t mean there are no adrenaline-pumping activities for you. When the country already holds massive sources of impressive nature, it is a great playground for adventurers. From going hiking in the jungle, or ziplining through the forest to watching the sunrise from a hot air balloon, you can decide which one to try for something fascinating.

Laos consists of more than 150 ethnic minorities with 80 different languages, making its culture so varied to explore. Besides authentic tradition, Lao culture is also influenced by the French, which was once the dominator. You can best see the combination of Western and Eastern culture in Luang Prabang – a UNESCO World Heritage City.

It is not random that Gordon Ramsay ranked Laos as his no.1 destination for Asian food. This country’s cuisine is often overshadowed by the counterparts of other neighboring countries but when tasting it, you will be amazed by how intense flavors get to your palette. What you need to sample first is not a fancy dish in a high-quality restaurant but a typical home-cooked meal that includes many Laos delicacies: sticky rice, laab, broth-based soup,… Don’t forget to sip BeerLao as well, it’s a treat!

The best way to enjoy the food is… with a local: maybe in a local house, or on the street. You’ll realize that Laotians are the happiest people you’ve ever met. They have a very strong concept of happiness. They take things very easy (sabai sabai), and always put a positive vibe in daily life. 


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