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Welcome to my hometown, Vietnam – a humble S-shaped Southeast Asian country that owns a captivating blend of culture, history, natural landscape, art, and cuisine. There is no better time to travel to Vietnam than now, when the war is far behind and Vietnam is gradually developing, especially in tourism. And guess what, Vietnam is willing to offer you more than just a great trip (read my client’s review for more detail). Drop me a sign, pack your back and be ready to fly to Vietnam – one of the countries that should not be missed in Southeast Asia.


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Here is our customized family trip for our client, Mrs. Anne Moore
An 11-day fantastic journey in Vietnam

25 January 2022
Day 1-2

Hanoi: Explore the timeless charm of history and cuisine

25 January 2022
Day 3

Hike to the top of Mua Cave to view whole Ninh Binh, join Tam Coc boat trip to admire amazing natural scenery

25 January 2022
Day 4-5

Enjoy a luxury mountain treat in Avana Retreat, Jeep adventure and tribal trekking

25 January 2022
Day 6

Free to explore Hanoi: nightlife, local markets, street food...

25 January 2022
Day 7

Overnight cruise in Lan Ha Bay - one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature

25 January 2022
Day 8-9

Stroll the Hoi An Ancient Town, experience fun basket boat ride in coconut forest

25 January 2022
Day 10

Pass through winding road of Hai Van Pass by motorcycle, visit ancient Hue Imperial City

Northern Vietnam mountains - where adventurous souls flow

Reasons to visit Vietnam

Born in Vietnam, I love this country unconditionally. Partly because it’s my motherland, but mostly, its temptation is forever for a wanderlust like myself. The more I travel the country, the more my curiosity rises about the diverse landscapes, people and culture. Even though some parts are already popular with tourists, the mystery of Vietnam’s wonder is still open, urging me and you to explore further. No matter which reason brings you to Vietnam, I would feel so proud of my home country for its timeless beauty.

First and foremost, Vietnamese culture is a lavish heritage. I love how it changes when I move from one area to another one. The rich culture of Vietnam is a reflection of the country’s 54 ethnic groups and its lengthy history. It is really hard to tell you all on one page of content so the best way would always be out there, and see how actually the culture is. Vietnam provides an intriguing window into its diverse cultural world through its many historical sites, pagodas, festivals, and rituals.

Speaking of history, Vietnam has a heart-touching one, which makes it a must-visit destination if you are curious about the country’s past. The history of Vietnam is full of important events that have molded the country into what it is nowadays. They are sensationally described through museums, routes, ruins, and storytellers who were a part of the dark past. Getting to know Vietnamese history is also a great way to appreciate Vietnam for what this country has been doing to recover and develop.

Another reason to visit Vietnam is its breathtakingly raw natural beauty. Vietnam is a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers of all stripes. You may enjoy the challenging terrain and unique flora and fauna when climbing Phanxipang Peak. You can leisurely sail on a luxury yacht surrounded by the giant limestone formations in Ha Long Bay. You can also lie down on the silky white sand in the most beautiful coastal cities in Vietnam. Wherever you go, Vietnam’s nature is always there to grab your attention. 

As you are out in the backdrop of amazing nature, you’d love to take advantage of bountiful adventure and outdoor activities. Whether you’re a fan of hiking, biking, kayaking, or exploring underground caverns, Vietnam is a fantastic destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Diverse interests and degrees of physical fitness might choose an activity that suits them best in Vietnam, from river cruising along the Mekong to mountain exploring in the north.

When you are out of energy playing and exploring, it’s time for some food. And you know what? You are at the right place. If you tell me you don’t like Vietnamese food, I’d be surprised because the food scene here is insane with great choices and nice flavors. Vietnamese cuisine is a treasure trove of mouth-watering dishes, such as the national dish Phở, as well as Bánh Mì, Bún Chả, fried spring rolls, you name it. With specialties ranging from North to South, each region provides a delightful culinary journey. I strongly believe that you will find your own favorite dish here no matter what.

Besides the food itself, what tourists love about Vietnam is how incredibly cost-flexible it can be. Vietnam provides great bang for the buck compared to other Asian countries for one reason: you’ll always get a great-for-value solution based on what you are willing to pay. From lodging, and transportation to food experience, all are found with both affordable and more luxurious ones. 

After all, I think what makes you want to stay in Vietnam is the local people. Warmth, friendliness, and hospitality are hallmarks of the Vietnamese people: Engaging in conversation with natives allows you to fully experience the culture, learn about their daily routines, and make experiences that will last a lifetime. Not everyone speaks English; however, somehow by just gesture, you can also feel the wonderful hospitality from Vietnamese locals.

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